Katy Perry Suing NW Magazine For Igniting Benny Blanco Affair Whispers

Did you hear those salacious rumors romantically-linking a very-married Katy Perry to one of her producers? So did Katy.

The Grammy-nominated pop star has had it up to her ice cream cone bra with rumors of strife in her seven month marriage to British comedian/actor Russell Brand. Perry’s filed a lawsuit against the publishers of Australia’s New Weekly Magazine (NW) over the publication of a story, which claimed that Katy was in the throes of an emotional affair with Benny Blanco, the “California Gurl’s” producer and frequent collaborator.

Last month, NW published what it billed as an exclusive interview with a woman named Angela Summers, an alleged ex-pal of Perry’s, who believes the singer may be secretly bedding Blanco. In a tell-all chat with NW, Summers claimed that Katy has developed a very close relationship with Benny, who famously produced remixed versions of Perry hits, such as “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot ‘N Cold.” Blanco’s also earned songwriting and producing credits for his work with pop tarts Britney Spears and Ke$ha.

“Katy has grown closer and closer to Benny Blanco over the last year,” Angela squealed. “Katy loves to flirt with everybody, but when she’s around Benny she gets extra flirty and only has eyes for him. She told me that she loves the fact he makes time for her whenever she needs him.”

Summers even reported witnessing Katy and Benny share a passionate kiss while working late in the studio.

Not only does Katy deny sleeping with Benny, she says she hasn’t the faintest idea who Angela is. In a writ filed in the Victorian Supreme Court this week, Perry argues that NW alleged her illicit “intimate relationship” with Blanco put her marriage to Brand in jeopardy. In the lawsuit against ACP Magazines, which owns NW, Katy says she was devastated that the article was flagged on the front cover of the NW under the headline, “World exclusive. Katy’s other man.” The front cover also contained the words, “Split fears after shock revelation.”

“By reason of the publication of the article the plaintiff (Perry) has been gravely injured in her reputation and feelings (and) has suffered distress embarrassment and humiliation…” the suit reads.

According to Perry’s people. NW did not check any of the “facts” in the article before sending it to print and has refused to apologize or print a retraction, even when presented with evidence that the informantion presented in the offending piece was inaccurate. Perry is seeking an unspecified sum in damages. Legal analysts say the suit could cost NW upwards of six-figure sum if case makes it all the way to Australia’s high court.

Reps for NW have no comment.

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