Katy Perry Porn Parody “Katy Pervy XXX!”

Good News, Gents (and Ladies, if you’re into that kind of thing!), sex with singing star Katy Perry is no longer just a part of your dreams. The card-touting “California Gurl” and her ice cream cone bikini will now become a permanent part of your “Self Love Routine” (Hint, Nudge, Wink) after getting the XXX-rated treatment thanks to an adult film parody that will hit the semen-slimed shelves of smut retailers later this month.

Just wait until Katy’s minister mom gets a load of this!

Goodnight Media — the same folks who brought us a oversexed spoof of television’s Scrubs — are the brains (Er…No pun intended!) behind Katy Pervy: The XXX Parody, a bizarre sex fest featuring a caricature of the wife of reformed sex addict Russell Brand as well as spoof versions of a host of her famously horny pals. Be on the lookout for appearances by kA$$ha, Rihandjob, Lady Gagger, Snoop Dong, and Russell Gland, says Lee Roy Myers, who stepped behind the lens for Katy Pervy.

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“Hey, if I didn’t go there with KATY PERVY – THE XXX PARODY, then how would you know what might go on behind closed dressing room doors; your favorite stars having filthy, perverted, raunchy, ridiculous sex.”

And you thought The Simpsons Porn Spoof was disturbing!

In a product descriptiong of the feature, Goodnight writes: “Pop sensation Katy Pervy knows what sells her music: SEX! Well, that and a sexy voice that could only get that way via daily deep throat vocal exercises. So, Katy Pervy goes on a XXX adventure, from her cleavage-filled appearance with everybody’s favorite red puppet, Elmer, to kissing a girl and liking it so much that it evolves into a hot & heavy lesbian party!”

Katy’s just one in a long line of celebs to have her name and image used in the sale of adult-themed novelities. Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan have all inspired side-splitting sex flicks and most recently, just-turned-18 singer Miley Cyrus perused legal action after adult toy company Pipedream Productions introduced the now sold-out Finally Mylie! inflatable sex doll.

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