Katy Perry Playboy Snub

Sorry Guys (and Ladies — if you’re into that kind of thing): You’ll never see Katy Perry’s ample bosom bare and uncovered in all its glory on the pages of Playboy.

In a YouTube interview last week, the “California Gurls” singer, 25, dropped what will prove for many, disappointing news: She’ll likely never disrobe for the pages of the men’s mag. The pop tart hasn’t always been so shy. She’s posed (almost) nude for GQ and Esquire and appears painted naked on a pink cloud on her album cover for Teenage Dream. But that’s about as much flesh as anyone besides comedian fiancé Russell Brand will get to see. Sorry boys!

Answering a fan’s question as to whether she’d grace the pages of Hugh Hefner’s nudie-girly tome, Katy replied: “I think I would probably say no. That’s like showing all your cards and I always want to keep a couple of aces up my sleeve. I think there’s a fine line between being a tease, and just giving it away. I like to be considered more of a tease, so unfortunately guys you’re never going to get it.”

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