Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” VIDEO Sneak Peek

Meet Kathy Beth Terry, Katy Perry’s nerdy alter-ego. Mrs. Brand unveiled a video sneak peek at her new video promo for the party single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” on Tuesday — and is that “Friday” singer herself Rebecca Black we spotted hanging out in the background?

In a teaser for the upcoming promo, Perry got in touch with her dorky inner-child, morphing into a 13-year-old high schooler named Kathy Beth Terry who attends the party of the summer. Premiering June 14, the video follows Young Kathy as she makes the transformation from nerd glasses and braces to big hair and miniskirts for an ’80s house party.

If Kathy looks like someone you want to hang out with you can find her on Twitter and Facebook, where she lists her interests as high school science fairs, beanie babies, and Hanson.

“Last Friday Night” is the fifth single from Katy’s latest hit album Teenage Dream.

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