Katy Perry: “Lady Gaga Planted Hermaphrodite Rumors As A Publicity Stunt”

Katy Perry has added her two cents to speculation that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite – insisting her fellow pop star planted the rumors herself.

Shots Fired!

Katy PerryLady Gaga

Earlier this month, footage of Lady Gaga performing onstage in the UK sparked rumors that the “Just Dance” star has both female and male reproductive organs after a bulge below her pelvic region appeared onscreen.

A rep for the singer has branded the rumors as “ridiculous”, but Katy is convinced Lady Gaga purposefully made it look like she had a bulge as a publicity stunt.

“It’s all very calculated. She knows what she’s doing. She put something in her knickers, a mini strap-on (sex toy). Bless her if she does have a dick, but I am certain she doesn’t,” Katy told Britain’s Daily Mirror on Thursday.

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