Katy Perry Doesn’t Like Pot; Loves Red Wine

Katy Perry has revealed that marijuana doesn’t actually agree with her, but she has grown a liking for some red wine.

While in Amsterdam for her Prismatic world tour, she talked about drugs and how much of a weirdo she would turn into if she smoked pot. She said that the drug doesn’t agree with her and it makes her that much more of a weirdo.

She revealed, “I’m going to go to the red light district tonight, actually, but I’ll just say this: the weed doesn’t agree with me. I turn into more of a weirdo than I actually am!”

Perry has insisted that her partying days are all behind her, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t partake in a nice glass of red wine now and again. She said, “I don’t even really do cocktails anymore. There’s a certain point in your life where you just turn to red wine, and that’s kind of the point I’ve hit now. I love a nice Malbec.”

She also recently said that her body can’t take that much drinking and that years and years of performing has taken its toll on her health. She previously said, “My knees are giving out on me now. I do acupuncture every two to three days. I tour with a sage that goes from the front of the house to the back of the house with a triangle thrust that is a moving treadmill, I think I’m some kind of Olympic athlete!”

She added, “I don’t drink much. I used to drink a lot more when I was younger. Body can’t take it. Mind can’t take it. Focus can’t take it. You know how it is – thirty, you just don’t recover.”

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