Katrina Darrell [Bikini Girl] Picture Gallery

Katrina Darrell is already making a case for herself as the most famous American Idol contestant from the young season eight due to her bikini wearing antics, not to mention her attempts to make out with Ryan Seacrest. I have the feeling she’s going to have a tough time advancing with the female judges having taken such an instant dislike to her, but if she gets to the public voting rounds who knows? I’m sure she’d have a lot of guys in her corner.

More Bikini Girl photos below!

A picture of Katrina Darrell in her famous bikini.


This photo shows Darrell is no stranger to revealing clothing.


Katrina Darrell trying to win over the judges. She certainly had Simon’s heart.


Katrina is a model, and this looks like it could be from her photo portfolio.


What do you think is Katrina hot or is she coming across as way too pushy?

If she makes it through to the final rounds I’m sure we’ll be adding quite a few pictures to this photo gallery, so stay tuned!

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