Katie Holmes Tattoo Tribute To Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is baring her love — on her bicep.

The Mad Money actress, 30, has been inspired to get her first tattoo by pals and skin art enthusiasts David and Victoria Becham. Katie came up with the idea after seeing the inscription Victoria had etched on to mark her 10 year wedding anniversary earlier this year. The former Spice Girl got the Hebrew words for “Together, Forever, Eternally” inked on her wrist in honor of her soccer star husband David and Katie’s dying for a similar testiment to her own love. Katie’s hoping to get inked with a tribute that will display her devotion for eccentric hubby Tom Cruise — but the former big screen heartbreaker isn’t so sure he wants his beloved bride taking such a permanent walk on the wild side.

“He’s desperately trying to talk her out of getting the tattoo,” says a source.

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