Katie Holmes New York Marathon Fake; Katie Holmes Faked New York Marathon Rumors

Rumors have surfaced that Katie Holmes may have faked her finish in November’s New York Marathon. The Mad Money actress is being accused of having someone else complete the race for her.

Gawker says:
A “mystery” guy was seen running with Katie with a bib number, 6074, that was not registered in the marathon. He is widely assumed to be her bodyguard, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’m mentioning him because he figures in some of these stories. It sounds ludicrous to use such flimsy evidence to suggest that she would fake running the marathon for publicity purposes, but there are some real indicators to suggest she may well have.

Gawker had a tipster send them in the “split times” of Katie Holmes compared to another runner from the NY City Marathon, as found on the official marathon website. The split times are registered electronically at specific stations on the route using the chip for each runner. She has the exact same times, down to the second, of this other guy for most every benchmark in the middle of the race. Even if someone was running alongside her the entire time, would they have the exact same time down to the second like that?

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