Katie Holmes $19.6 Million NYC Spending Spree


Katie Holmes is doing her part to keep the economy alive. Mrs. Cruise has reportedly spent approximately $19.6 million since moving to New York City six months ago to appear in the Broadway production of All My Sons.

According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Katie has spent $19,592 on child care for daughter Suri alone. Mommy and Me shopping sprees estimated at $23,800 a month on designer clothes also helped contribute to the massive sum.

Since descending on the Big Apple in July, Katie and hubby Tom have purchased several new apartments, installed gym equipment in their current home, and spent over $10,000 eating at some of the city’s most upscale restaurants.

“We tally up a conservative estimate of her 24-week NYC spending spree, and crown her Manhattan’s Most Valued Shopper.”

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