Katie Couric On Twitter And Bloggers –“I Don’t Get It”


Earlier this month, Katie Couric joined the Twitter craze sweeping the nation, but the veteran newswoman will be the first tell you that she finds the social networking site a bit trivial.

“I Twitter and blog very selectively,” the CBS Evening News anchor said while speaking at the Walter Cronkite Awards at USC on Wednesday, according to Variety. “Some of it is so inane and narcissistic and bizarre, I don’t quite get it. I don’t know why anyone would want to read it, much less why I would want to write it.”

“I don’t think anybody gives a rat’s ass whether I am about to eat a tuna sandwich. I don’t even care.”

Katie also raked bloggers over the coals in her conference acceptance speech this week, noting that many more modern forms of media lack crediblity.

“For every one of those well-informed, well-educated bloggers, there is someone spouting vitriol and opinion without portfolio, and it is misleading,” she said. “It doesn’t have any editors, doesn’t have anyone holding their feet to the fire to say, ‘Is this factual? Is this true? Did you second source this?'”

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