Kathy Griffin “American Idol” Judge?

Will Kathy Griffin replace Simon Cowell on Idol?

She may be out at CNN, but Kathy Griffin could soon be up for a new gig at FOX. The F-bomb lovin’ Griffin’s comical campaign to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol has prompted some very serious discussions among show’s producers, a new report claims. The Emmy-winning comedienne and reality personality has just enough edge to make her the perfect replacement for the tough-talkin’, T-shirt-wearing Cowell, sources say. However, now that another Emmy-winning funny gal – television’s Ellen DeGeneres — is already on board at Idol, casting Kathy would likely be too dicey.

”With Ellen [DeGeneres] on board, adding another woman — and a comic at that — just wouldn’t work,” a show insider reveals. ”However, if Ellen would ever leave, then everything would be up for grabs anyway, and Kathy might have a shot.”

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