Katherine Jackson Debbie Rowe $4 Million Custody Agreement


Debbie Rowe has reportedly dropped her custody fight against former mother-in-law Katherine Jackson in exchange for a $4 million payout, The NY Post has learned.

The former wife of Michael Jackson has agreed to relinquish her parental rights to her two children with the King of Pop — for the third time in their lives — as part of a financial settlement reached in Los Angeles on Monday.

Rowe, who gave birth to son Prince Michael, now 12, and daughter Paris, 11, is forfeiting her restored parental rights to Katherine in exchange for cash, a family source told the tabloid.

The one-time nurse resurfaced to reclaim her rights when Jackson was accused of child molestation in 2001, but gave up full custody of the kids in exchange for another four million dollars plus a $900,000-dollar home.

“This would be it. This takes away any rights she has to challenge custody at any given time,” a source revealed to The NY Post on Tuesday. “If something happens to Katherine, [Rowe] can’t challenge the next [guardian], whether that be Diana Ross or someone in the family.”

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