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Katherine Heigl Says Hollywood Turned Its Back on Her (The RomComs Didn’t Help)


Katherine Heigl was the “It Girl” of the silver screen’s RomCom scene.

That was about five years ago.

Of course, one too many flops at the box office and rampant reports of diva-esque behavior on the set of ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, eventually saw the blonde bombshell relegated to the world of Nyquil adverts and GoFundMe campaigns.

The horror!

Katherine, now 35, talks about her career downturn in the August issue of Marie Claire UK. The Tinseltowner (rumored to be about as pleasant to work with as a porcupine) admits she made a few slip-ups after her turn in the smash comedy Knocked Up, but she didn’t expect the industry to turn on her as viciously as it did.

“The thing that was my best friend for a long time suddenly turned on me. I didn’t expect it. I was taken by surprise and angry at it for betraying me.”

Heigl went on to star in romantic comedies (Read: Chick Flicks) like 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth. The actress now believes such light roles likely contributed to her falling out of favor with the Hollwood masses.

“…I couldn’t say no…I stopped challenging myself. It became a bit by rote and, as a creative person, that can wear you down. That was part of why I took that time off, to ask myself, ‘What do I want? What am I looking for?’ and shut down all the noise.”

Heigl came close to quitting showbiz altogether; she toyed with the idea of staying home and caring for husband Josh Kelley and their daughters Naleigh and Adelaide. Maybe even opening up a fabrics shop.

Yeah, it got that bad.

“…I had a moment where, I don’t know, I was thinking I’d maybe open a knitting store, get my money out of retirement accounts and live off that, live off the land. I had my moment where it all seemed so complicated and all I wanted to do was simplify. There’s a part of me that’s a Hollywood animal as well. I can’t wait to get into the writer’s room and see how we do this. I feel like I’m finally rolling into the next phase of my adulthood.”

Katherine’s set to star in NBC’s hotly-anticipated new political drama State of Affairs.


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