Kate Moss Pete Doherty Tell-All Autobiography

The Crack Pipe Adventures of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and coming to a bookshelf near you. Babyshambles musician Pete Doherty has revealed that he will tell all about the life of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll he shared with supermodel Kate Moss in a new autobiography.

Pete will co-author the work with writer Sean Boru.

“The whole premise of the book is Pete talking about Kate Moss and the sex and drugs and rock’n’roll lifestyle they shared,” Boru tells the Daily Telegraph.

“I wrote to Pete when he was in jail about my experiences when I was a drug addict and we built a relationship. He knows I understand where he is coming from and this is the first book that properly details his private life with Moss – which is what everyone wants to read about.”

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