Kate Middleton See-Through Dress Sold For $125K At Auction


The see-through dress that future princess Kate Middleton modeled in a 2002 St Andrew’s University Fashion Show — the same skanktastic ensemble that arguably changed Prince William’s view of her from platonic to romantic — was expected to sell for no more than $15,000 when it went on the auction block last week.

As it turns out, whoever predicted that figure was being très conservative.

The dress went for $125,000 in a bidding war at Kerry Taylor Auctions in London last Thursday.

How’s that for Royal Wedding Fever?

“I didn’t know who Kate Middleton was and I didn’t put her in it. It was just pure chance,” says Charlotte Todd, who designed the new famous dress for a class project called “The Art of Seduction.”

Charlotte didn’t score an invite to Will and Kate’s royal nuptials next month, but we’re thinking the triple-figure consolation prize will go a long way in sweetening the snub.

The buyer’s name has not been made public.


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