Kate Hudson & Pal Crash A-Rod’s Car

Kate Hudson has infuriated boyfriend Alex Rodriguez after she let a pal drive his car, resulting in a steel-crushing fender bender.


The 30-year-old actress – who has been dating the New York Yankees third baseman since May – allowed her friend to drive Alex’s SVU on a Manhattan street without his permission earlier this week. Drama ensued when the driver momentarily lost control and slammed into a parked vehicle.

A-Rod nearly had a coronary after learning the woman accidentally dented the back of the whip.

A source chuckled to The NY Daily News: “Kate Hudson’s girlfriend has been driving his Suburban with Kate every morning, bright and early, to get coffee. As the two women were pulling out of the garage, they hit another car! Hudson and the pal quickly re-parked and headed back upstairs.”

An incensed Alex lit into Kate and her friend when he saw the damage.

“As soon as he saw the rear of the vehicle and the damage done, he had her get out of the car and started talking about her reckless driving. He was visibly upset. The crash was so bad the license plate was obscured. He was ranting and raving while she stood there sheepishly.”

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