Kate Gosselin Reveals New Body & Search For Mr. Right

Kate Gosselin has debuted her new body… yet again! The reality Octomom turns up on the cover of PEOPLE this week, rocking a bikini on her trim figure. Gosselin says she’s in the “best shape of her life.” And in addition to her new fit shape, she also hopes a new man is on her horizon!

“This body is all real. These breasts are all mine, “she explained, adding that she’s also never had Botox. “I’m waiting for Mr. Right,” she told the mag. “It would be nice if somebody noticed me, sure! Maybe even after reading all those stories about how horrible and mean I am, somebody will be brave enough to appear, but sometimes I worry I’ve scared the world away. There’s nobody out there who has come forward, and it’s depressing. Where is he? All I can say to this mystery man is hurry it up! Every woman I pass is holding someone’s hand, and that annoys me. I’m lonely, and I need help.”

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