Kardashians Urge Kourtney To Dump Baby Daddy Scott Disick

Dump the Motherf**ker Already! is the resounding chant coming from the curvy Kardashian Clan.


The entire family is in crisis mode after the revelation that eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian is five months pregnant by cad of a boyfriend Scott Disick. Kourt’s family is worried about the socialite’s future with the womanizing Papa-To-Be, who they allege has proven that he’s simply not marriage or father material, according to snitching informants close to the Kardashians.

“He’s a cheater, and he’s really hurt her in the past,” says a friend. “They’re all superconcerned….”

Kourtney and Scott’s often-troubled romance was a focal point on the unscripted E! hit Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In February, Kourtney — the 30-year-old who has never changed a diaper –ended her engagement to Scott after she caught him being unfaithful to her. But just months later the pair were back in each other’s arms — and now there’s a baby due in December.

Kim Kardashian, Kourtney’s buxom and bootylicious younger sister, has been the most outspoken about her lingering distrust of Disick. Hollywood’s newest blonde was reportedly stunned when Scott did not get down on bended knee and ask for Kourtney’s hand in marriage as soon as he learned of the pregnancy, sources say.

“Kim and the rest of the Kardashians have really rallied around Kourtney,” a spy revealed to Star. “Kim pulled him [Scott] aside for a long lecture. She told him that he needs to stop being so immature and noncommital.”

For now, Kourtney’s sisters are keeping a close eye on her man. Khloe, 25, didn’t let Scott out of her sight when he accompanied her to a hosting engagement for the Svedka Adult Playground 2033 in Los Angeles on Aug. 12. And just this week, Kim spent a day just “hanging out” with Scott.

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