Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Concert Air Chalks Up $65,000 On eBay (Photo)


Kanye West might be full of hot air, but apparently there is someone out there looking to capitalize off of it. Correction: He is definitely full of hot air.

The rapper performed a series of concerts for his Yeezus album and someone has tried to make a killing off of the air collected at the show. We really wish we were making this up.

From the official eBay listing for the Ziplock one-gallon bag of hot air:

-The item you are Purchasing is a Limited Edition, 1 gallon Collectable Ziplock bag.

-Free with purchase are the contents which contain AIR From the Kanye West Yeezus Tour (First show, Oct 19th, 2013)

-100% real… Have multiple bags but I want to hold on to one so im selling the rest

At first, the auction had racked up a total of $65,000 before being pulled by the auction service.

The auction for Kanye West’s Yeezus air began last Sunday and accrued a total of 90 bids before it was yanked. It just goes to show you that there is truly a sucker born every minute.

Not only that, but now that others have seen how successful this would-be auction was, they have also mimicked the auction. One eBay user has started an auction for $100.00 using the first auction as a guideline. The item is described:

One of the original yeezus bag of air from Kanye West’s tour.

The bag was waved around at the concert to capture air.

Once the bag was filled, I close it and now we have a bag of air from the concert.

Official, No jokes.

All Sales Are Final!!

Kanye West kicked off his Yeezus tour in Seattle, Washington in October 2013 and ended it almost a year later in Brisbane, Australia. Could you imagine shelling out your hard earned cash for some of this fool’s air? Hit the comments and let us know the craziest thing you’ve spent money on. We won’t make fun of you, I promise.

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