Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Feud Takes Over Twitterverse

Remind us to never upset Kanye West.

The already notoriously temperamental rapper blew a gasket on Twitter overnight. And late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel found himself in the crosshairs.


This, of course, led to Kimmel reacting to the Twitter war on his Thursday night show.

It all started Wednesday, when Kimmel broadcast a Kid Re-Kreation sketch featuring young children reciting quotes from West’s recent BBC interview, in which the 36-year-old rapper declared himself the “No. 1 rock star on the planet,” as well as a few more, shall we say, immodest declarations.

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, Kanye did not enjoy Kimmel’s parody. Hence the Twitter trashing. In typical Jimmy Kimmel Live! fashion, the sidesplitting host got a kick out of Kanye’s tantrum by reading a series of his tweets on air:

“He told me I had two choices. One was to apologize publicly, and that was really the only choice. The other choice he gave is that my life is going to be much better if I apologize.”

Who’s side are you on: Kanye or Jimmy’s?

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