“Jersey Shore” Jenni “J-Woww” Farley Writing Book

Just call her Dr. Ruth! J-Woww’s writing the book on relationships.

William Morrow Publishers has purchased the rights to The Rules According to Jwoww, a relationship manual for women penned by Jersey Shore “maneater” Jenni “J-Woww” Farley. Though it remains debatable whether or not the single gals of the world really want to get their love advice from a self-professed barfly who’s being sued by her ex.

The book, due on booksellers’ shelves in February, features “secrets on landing a mint guy, staying fresh to death, and kicking the competition to the curb,” publishing industry insiders squealed to The New York Post’s PageSix Column on Sunday.

“Inspired by the 1995 self-help classic “The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right,” Farley’s love lessons include: ‘Learn to spot a man whore a mile away,” “Rule No. 17, Bust his balls a little,” Rule No. 52, “Hair belongs on your head . . . nowhere else.'”

Jesus take the wheel…and send this thing flying over a cliff!

The cast of MTV’s ratings smash have become popular culture phenomenons in the months since the series premiered in Nov. 2009, but the Shore success story has not translated to megabucks among book aficionados. Here the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades and Getting in Your GTL — the first literary effort from Jenni’s castmate Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — has sold only a disappointing 4,000 copies after spending more than a month on shelves.

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