Justin Timberlake $100,000 Donation To Steve Irwin Australia Zoo After Snubbing Aussie Fans

After behaving like an asshat in front of Brisbane fans, Justin Timberlake extended an olive branch to the Aussies in the form of a $100,000 donation to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo.

It all started when the former boy-bander snubbed fans and chickened out an earlier promises to pose for pictures and sign autographs after exiting a small Brisbane eatery.

Later on that day, the ‘Lovestoned’ star hung up on a local radio station who called his hotel room hoping for a live interview.

Surly J.T even stiffed his waiter on a tip.

After receiving mountains of bad press from the local media, J.T changed his tune during his performance at the Brisbane Entertainment Center. The singer stopped the show to announce the $100,000 donation.

“When I came here last time, it really hit me.” “I said to myself: ‘What can I do?'”

“So what I did was 50 cents from every ticket sold ont eh Australian tour goes to Wildlife Warriors.”

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