Justin Bieber Weed Hot On The Streets Of Toronto

Sometimes celebrities who grow up to be credits to the cities and states they grew up in are honored for their talents with a key to the city. Others are lucky enough to have their own statue erected. (Nothing says your hometown loves you like a glorified peeing post for local dogs….) Nah — not Justin Bieber. And not in Canada. Our proud neighbors to the North are paying homage to the mopheaded idol in a way that could make Willie Nelson burst with pride: They’ve named a strain of marijuana after him.

Nail polish, a unisex fragrance, a ladies only perfume, and now ganja! What will those Beliebers think of next?

“The new kind of weed is apparently being sold on the streets of Toronto, Canada under the name, J.B. Kush, and is advertised to apparently ‘help you get through those tough times with your loved one, and make you closer,'” says an insider.

But you’ll have to excuse Justin if having his moniker used to hock drug paraphernalia isn’t exactly his idea of a Lifetime Achievement Award. Spywitnesses close to the 17-year-old pop crooner say he’s seething over the “unauthorized use of his name.”

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