Justin Bieber Wax Figure Madame Tussauds Museum [Pictures]

You’re nobody ’til somebody immortalizes you…in wax.

Teen girls were screaming in three corners of the Globe Tuesday as they got up close and personal with Justin Bieber. But it wasn’t The Biebs the lucky girls were hobnobbing with. It was the teen crooner’s first Madame Tussauds wax likeness. This week, clay reworkings of the “Baby” hitmaker and his signature coiff went on display at Madame Tussauds locations in New York City, Amsterdam, and London — where Bieber himself and his mom Pattie were on hand for the big reveal.

The wax figure museum unveiled the teen sensation’s look-alike, to the delight of teen girls sporting T-shirts baring the phrase “I Caught Bieber Fever” while thousands more watched via a live web stream. We’re willing to wager that The Justin Bieber Wax Figure will go down as the most molested in history. After all, when you’re a teen girl blinded by Bieber Fever, minor details like resemblance just don’t come into the picture.

Justin traveled to New York last fall, where he gave Tussauds sculptors a sitting late last year, where hundreds of precise measurements were taken. The waxwork was created with the help of the teenager’s personal hair stylist to ensure it had his signature sweeping cut – which he recently ditched – and is dressed fashionable in Justin’s everyday uniform of black and red shirt with jeans. The figure took four months to complete and cost an estimated $250,000.

JB seemed fairly impressed with the finished product, although he commented that he had grown in height since he posed for it.

“It’s pretty incredible to see. I’m taller but this was a point in time. It looks awesome, thanks very much,” the gracious comedian told museum staff.

Beliebers looked pleased as well.

“I cannot believe I am in the same room as Justin and his figure is amazing. I don’t want to leave; I just want to stay by his figure forever! It’s brilliant, just like him. I love it!” says 14-year-old Grace Magraff.

“The interest in Justin’s figure has been truly phenomenal,” Tussauds PR manager Liz Edwards explains of the decision to make a wax likeness of Justin. “We were absolutely inundated with requests from young fans to include him and since we announced that we were indeed making his figure we’ve been besieged by ‘Beliebers’ wanting to know when they can come and see him here. We’re sure they will be as pleased with the final results as Justin seems to be today.”

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