Justin Bieber “South Park” Parody!

You’re nobody til somebody kills you on South Park!

“Evil” Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity victim of the side-splitting Comedy Central series — to the horror of Beliebers all over the Twitterverse.

An animated Bieber met an untimely death in Wednesday night’s edition of the controversial cartoon after falling victim to Eric Cartman’s bid to rid the earth of “all evil.”

“Thanks to Coon and friends the country would soon be rid of all evil, but first they would come up against their most challenging and evil opponent – Justin Bieber,” he said. “In order to save the earth, this little butt hole had to be stopped.”

As Bieber was performing his hit single “Baby,” a giant monster reached into the arena and snatched him from the crowd’s gaze.

“That’s him. So long Justin Bieber you little douchebag,” Cartman declared, under the guise of his superhero alter-ego Coon.


Justin — who boasts nearly a billion views on YouTube — is hardly the first celeb to get the homicidal hilarity treatment at the hands of South Park’s writers. Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, the cast of Jersey Shore, and The Jonas Brothers have all been spoofed on the series.

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