Justin Bieber Reveals Little Known Facts About Himself With Knee-Slapping Letterman Top Ten

Justin Bieber dropped by Manhattan’s Ed Sullivan Theater Wednesday to help roll out the Late Show with David Letterman’s nightly Top Ten list. This time, the topic was all about little known facts about the crooner himself and Biebs clearly had a blast poking fun at his teen dream image.

Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Justin Bieber:

10. My new fragrance “Someday” also makes a delicious low-calorie salad dressing.

9. I served 8 months in prison for siphoning gas.

8. The first thing I bought when I hit it big was a four-slice toaster.

7. As hard as I’ve tried, I don’t know how to not be adorable

6. “Justin Bieber”‘s my secret identity, I’m really Green Lantern.

5. I’m not really a big fan of Kevin James.

4. I begged my publicist to get me out of this.

3. Last week I accidentally waited in line for two hours for my own autograph.

2. My mom had to remind me that he’s not Larry King.

1. It’s a hairpiece.

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