Justin Bieber Reveals His Fourth Fragrance ‘Collector’s Edition’


We may all have our own opinions about the Biebs, but there is one thing the is undeniable about the guy, he sure knows what men and women are attracted to when it comes to fragrances.

Justin Bieber is putting out his fourth womans fragrance in four years, Collector’s Edition, and just like the motto for all his other perfumes, “It’s all about the personal connection I have with my fans.”

The Collector’s Edition bottle (which is now available at Target) looks the same as his fragrance bottle for The Key, white slender bottle with a hanging pendant and a personal message “You’re all that matters to me”-JB.

The Collector’s Edition is a fruity mix of pear and passion fruit, along with florals such as honeysuckle and freesia. There are also hints of musk and sandalwood so it’s not too girly.

This new fragrance is suppose to inspire confidence. Bieber tells People, “You can tell when a woman feels confident by the way she carries herself, and I think fragrance has a lot to do with it. Collector’s Edition is meant to make my fans feel good. It has an amazing energy to it. When a woman feels good, she looks good.”

Anyone eager to buy this new Bieber fragrance?



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