Justin Bieber Request Invitation To Playboy Mansion

Justin Bieber, who turns 17 next month, hopes his mature “new haircut” will help him get an exclusive invitation to a place most teenage boys only dream of going.

No — we’re not talking about Selena Gomez’s bedroom. We’re talking about the Playboy Mansion!

Guess The Hef doesn’t check IDs!

The teen sensation already has a trail of female fans following his every move but it seems Master Bieber’s head has been turned and he is now craving some attention from the leggy Playboy bunnys in Hefner’s world-famous estate.

After sitting down for an interview with Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, CNN’s Piers Morgan hit his Twitter with the following message: “BREAKING NEWS: @hughhefner just revealed that Justin Bieber has asked if he can come to Playboy mansion. With his dad.”

He later added that Hugh admitted he would be “delighted to facilitate” Justin’s visit to Playboy Mansion.

No word yet on when Hefner will grant the Little Beeb’s wish.

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