Justin Bieber Flashes His Butt Poolside


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Recently, we have found out that Justin Bieber is really sad about his break – up with Selena Gomez, however, recent activities show that Bieber has been taunting Selena about what she has been missing.

Reportedly, on Jan 29, Justin was having poolside fun at his Beverly Hills residence, when he pulled down his famous Calvin Klein briefs just far enough to expose his butt!

Well, can we guess what the exact reason was? According to Hollywood Life, either Justin knew a photographer was taking his picture — and he wanted to give them a good shot — or he had an itch he needed to scratch. Regardless of the reason why, we’re thankful Justin did what he did.

Also, it seems that Justin is not only satisfied with his butt exposure, Yes, we bring you some more news! Justin Bieber was caught on camera grabbing Kendall Jenner’s butt during a photo shoot on Jan 31. Well, we know that you are really sad Justin, but that does not mean that you will catch each and every butt you see in the way! That’s really being an arse!

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Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber


Although we do not have any details about the butt issue with Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, but what we assume is that it was just an innocent PDA, as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner is just friends, Bieber is dating Kendall’s closest friend Hailey Baldwin, 18.

Whatever happens, we do hope to not see Justin’s sweet arse once again, because we believe it should be stored only for his dates. Otherwise, our best wishes are always with you Justin!

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