Meet Justin Bieber Lookalike Dani Shay

How’s that for uncanny!? Dani Shay, a Justin Bieber doppelganger, is on her way to becoming the month’s newest viral star as this video of her covering Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie” heats up the web.

Dani has been playing music for the past five years, and has become more serious with writing original material in the last three, but these days, she’s making waves on the Internet for her shocking resemblance to the most popular 17-year-old on the Planet. Perhaps even more shocking, Dani says she didn’t even know who Justin was until passerbys started mistaking her for him

“About a year ago, everywhere I went slowly people started saying, ‘Hey, you look like this new singer kid that’s out on Disney,’ and this and that, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’ I don’t watch a lot of TV. I listen to a lot of music and mostly play my own music,” Dani confesses in the YouTube video, “Dani Shay: About Me & Justin Bieber,” a 10-minute narrative that sees Justin explaining how Bieber has impacted her life and budding music career.

“Suddenly I’m being recognized not as myself. I’m getting all these looks and this attention for this person and I have no idea who he is. I didn’t know for the first four or five months. Everywhere I go, little girls and even grown men are like, ‘You look like that singer Justin Bieber, you’ve never heard of him?'”

She added: “I’ve had my hair like this for years. There is some weird coincidence that we look alike… it’s uncanny I guess.”

For now, Dani just taking things one day at a time and hoping for an opportunity to meet her long lost “twin” and parlay her way to a recording contract with former American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres.

“I have a little fantasy of meeting him on the first time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I think that would be amazing,” she explained. “First of all, I think that she would be tripping out looking at the both of us and she can just make it hilarious. And then I also have a desire to share my music with her. I feel like I have always had a connection with her and now she is a music guru.”

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