Bieber Goes To Hooters

Be still, Beliebers: Your chosen one has copped his first feel at Hooters!

The Biebs was back in his native Canada for a show on his sold-out tour when he dropped by the famed Home of Strippers and Hot Wings. OK, so to be fair, Hooters is actually a restaurant chain, not a strip club. But the boobs in this picture are the same size as Bieber’s entire head! Justin’s opening act, Legaci, had been treating diners with a free performance when the star encounter took place in West Edmonton, Canada.

“I couldn’t believe how crazy it got in here,” said Hooters manager Les Johansen, following his restaurant’s whirlwind visit from the “Baby” crooner. “In a span of three minutes it went from just a normal, half-decent Saturday to just wall-to-wall madness. Within probably 45 seconds we had 150-200 people standing outside our front door.”

Bieber is described as “polite” and “calm” as he made his brief photo-op appearance, despite the billions of hysterical people.

“Within probably five seconds after he was done with the photos he was out, up the Bourbon Street stairs and that whole mass of people were flowing like all as one right behind him,” Les explains. “Tons of bands and celebrities come through our doors, but nothing quite like this.”


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