Justin Bieber Hires Flirting Coach

No girls, he wasn’t born that charming. Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has a coach who teaches him how to flirt with the ladies. The “One Less Lonely Girl,” 16, has hired a mystery man who shows him how to impress members of the opposite sex, a celebrity snitch yaps in the Nov. 29 issue of Life & Style Magazine.

“His name is Ryan Good,” whispers one industry insider. “Ryan shows him how to walk, how to talk, how to flirt, even how to wear his hat to attract as many girls as possible.”

And when all else fails, Bieber has a surefire way to ensure that he’s always surrounded by females.

“Before a show, Justin has a member of his entourage walk through the crowd and pick out the cutest girls. Then they all go backstage, where Justin is waiting for them.”

Look out, Lil Wayne. It looks like JB’s well on his way to become the world’s next womanizing hip-hop artist!

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