Justin Bieber Hair Tour — Complete With Bodyguards!

You won’t believe the lengths some fans are going to for a piece of J.B…

Theoretically, you could clone Justin Bieber if you had a lock of his hair — so it’s no wonder that clippings of his famous coif now have their own pair of bodyguards!

It’s not only The Biebs who’s jetsetting around the US — his hair has also embarked on its very own tour. The Bieber Mop clippings, which sold in an online auction for more than $40,000 last month, are traveling around the country raising money for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief campaign, TMZ said this week. Justin devoted — and by devoted, we mean “crazed” — legion of fans, known as “Beliebers,” are reportedly waiting for hours to view and take photographs of the tresses, which are safely kept in an autographed glass case and are minded by their very own dedicated security staff. (Thank Goddess for small favors!)

Would you visit the “Bieber Locks” if you had the chance?

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