Justin Bieber Could Face Felony Charges in Neighbor Egg-ssault

Justin Bieber once again stands accused of irritating his neighbors with a unique brand of shenanigans. This time, the teen idol is in hot water after allegedly going on a foul-mouthed egg-tossing tantrum that could result in felony vandalism charges.

After spurring with a neighbor last Thursday night, Bieber reportedly whipped eggs at his the man’s front door. The bizarre episode escalated; Justin and the egged-upon homeowner got into a profanity-laced argument. Eggs were chucked, f-bombs were dropped and the police had to be called.

The incident caused about $20,000 in damages, which could put the “Baby” hit-maker on the hook for felony vandalism. Tattling tipsters tell TMZ that the front of the house will have to be re-plastered to the tune of $15,000. Damage to the entry could run the tab up another $5,000.

Biebs has a storied history of run-ins with the well-to-do folks of Calabasas. Since moving to the upscale Los Angeles suburb in 2012, Bieber has been repeatedly chastised for violating local noise ordinances and being, what some residents consider, a general nuisance.

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