Justin Bieber Clothing Store

Listen up, Beliebers: Your Banged Messiah is putting his millions to stylish use. We hear Justin Bieber is in chats to open his own clothing store at Los Angeles’ upscale outdoor shopping center The Grove.

Well — we know what that means: Tween Stampede! Run for your life!

The team behind the Kardashians’ new Las Vegas store, Khaos, are developing a store that will serve as Ground Zero for all Bieber-related material, tattling tipsters told RadarOnline.com on Monday.

“They want to have everything Justin Bieber….”

There’s certainly no shortage of merchandise that could be offered for sale. Bieber is the subject of trading cards, a doll, and an assortment of fragrance-infused nail polish by Nicole by OPI. Under preliminary plans for the proposed store, fans of the world’s best-known teen pop star would be able to purchase sneakers, skateboards, toys, and even Bieber-branded lollipops at the establishment.

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