This Just In…Justin Bieber Wants to Join the Ku Klux Klan

Oops…He did it again!

It hasn’t even been a week since British glossy The Sun unearthed five-year-old footage of a 15-year-old Justin Bieber cracking racist jokes and dropping the N-bomb in the presence of fans. But we can already hear the wheels on the Belieber Publicity Machine churning away as reports that another, even more vulgar, video may soon be released.

In the footage in question, Justin changes the lyrics to his early hit “One Less Lonely Girl” to “One Less Lonely Ni**er,” sings about killing Black people and even jokes about joining the Ku Klux Klan — the White supremacy group that has terrorized anyone who isn’t White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant since the Reconstruction era.


Armed with an ever devoted legion of Beliebers, Bieber, now 20, has been largely forgiven for likening the sound of a chainsaw to the N-word; even boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. jumped to the Biebs’ defense. If you ask Sun reporter Richard White, the new footage is egregious enough to “horrify millions of fans worldwide.”

“Unfortunately this is the devastating reality of how Justin has behaved and reveals his attitude toward such a deeply emotive subject. People need to see this. Normal kids in society do not make these kind of jokes. He is protected by a network of staff, but the camera doesn’t lie. This is the real Justin.”

This sound like the stuff NBC used to call Must See TV.

Justin has apologized for his remarks in the video over the weekend.

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