Juliette Lewis Shares Touching Tribute For Father Geoffrey Lewis Who Passed Away Yesterday


Juliette Lewis is one of the greatest actresses of our time, although, like her father, she is mostly a character actress and does not tend to get much attention on her own.

Her father, Geoffrey Lewis, passed away yesterday at the age of 79. He was one of those actors that appeared in many films, but without any starring roles, many people were not able to get to know him by name.

He was in a large number of films and he was a frequent collaborator with Clint Eastwood in titles such as High Plains Drifter, Pink Cadillac, and Midnight In the Garden Of Good And Evil.

Juliette Lewis, feeling the love for the man who was much more than a talented actor, but also her father, took to Instagram to pay tribute to him. She called him her hero, her love, and as we all know after losing a loved one, she ended the post by saying he will never be gone.

He last appeared on the big screen in Retreat and Mommy’s Little Monster in 2012 and has more than 200 credits to his name. He was also in the process of filming High And Outside.

Lewis received one Golden Globe nomination over his lengthy career for his role in TV series Flo in 1980. He appeared in several other shows including Hawaii Five-O and Murder, She Wrote.

Juliette Lewis’ father, Geoffrey Lewis, died in his home in Woodland Hills, California, due to natural causes. He is survived by his wife Paula Hochhalter, Juliette Lewis and nine other children including Lightfield and Matthew, both actors, and Dierdre, an actress.

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