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Julianna Margulies

In last week’s episode of the law drama The Good Wife, viewers saw Alicia Florrick deal with an unfathomable blow on top of years of turmoil. Not only did she pick herself up from her estranged husband’s very public infidelity, she also had to mourn the loss of her colleague, best friend and lover Will Gardner. Just when she thought she had her best foot in front of her, her husband’s former campaign advisor admitted that he had deleted a voice mail years ago from Will that was intended for Alicia.

Back then, Alicia had decided to not continue on with her own side affair, even though she wondered about her law school romance turned colleague for years. This was during a time where putting on the image of “the good wife” to her ex, seemed like a better route. Couple that with the fact that Will seemed to flip flop on committing himself to her, and Alicia saw no choice but to take the other route. So, the message that she received from Will saying that he would drop everything to be with her, was never heard, and Alicia just continued on her path.

Viewers were shocked to see this plot point, which seemed way behind the arc of this season, come back into the story. Eli (Alan Cumming) decided to reveal this huge shocking revelation to Alicia after he received his own personal hard blow in the romance department. The moment itself was tense and clearly shows just why Julianna Margulies has racked up Emmys and Golden Globes for her portrayal.

In tonight’s episode she will deal with the fall out from the shocking moment.

Julianna Margulies sat down in the AOL Studio for a chat about her views on gun control, and that powerful moment on The Good Wife.

On being involved in advocating for gun control:

I went to DC and spoke at a summit there, so I’ve been very involved. What I find so fascinating about this whole topic is that everyone who is pro gun, is anti-abortion, so they’re all pro-life, but they’re killing everybody. None of it makes sense to me — that we wouldn’t just have common sense laws.

On Obama taking executive order against gun control:

Despite the fact that Sandy Hook should have been the reason people jump to it when you see six year olds getting gunned down in school, but the fact that president Obama came out and took executive action made me proud to be an American. It made me proud that I voted for him. I know it was a very hard thing for him to do and it’s important, because there’s so many naysayers and horrible, toxic comments about what he’s trying to achieve, which has nothing to do with your second amendment right. It was to show the rest of the world that this country isn’t as crazy as Trump is making us out to seem. We’re a thinking, feeling democracy and we can take reasonable action.

On shooting the pivotal moment with Alan Cumming:

What was the most difficult thing about it was not to start weeping. I’ve been lucky to play this character for six or seven years, and I get really into Alicia’s psyche. So, to bring something back from season one, and to see it on Alan’s face — he’s such a good actor! We’ve been working for so long, it’s like music between he and I. So, I just kept trying not to cry. You just think, “What would my life had been like if I had heard that message?” It changed everything for her. It was a devastating scene to shoot and yet strangely cathartic. As you can see with the episode on Sunday, there’s some grit.

On Eli’s political motives clouding his judgment:

Eli had other motives and his were always political. The second he starts having feelings for another person, he realizes how much he has messed with Alicia’s life. I think Eli really loves Alicia and I think he knows that she’s the glue that holds it all together. You don’t go back to work and practice law after being out of it for 13 years and rise so fast. I think that Eli sees her potential and genuinely knows her. He’s with her a lot. He was her campaign manager as first lady, and he saw what a dog Peter was and how she handled it. I think she genuinely cares for him.

On Alicia’s alcoholism:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but over this season Alicia has been drinking heavily. There’s been hints over the years. There’s little things that has been written that I’ve said as Alicia, they stay in your psyche when you’re playing her, and they come out in different ways. This year it’s tequila, which I guess is a quicker high. I think she might be disappearing a little bit. I think she’s a functioning alcoholic, and it’ll have to be addressed at some point. You’l see her acknowledge it. She talks about it, so she knows, but I do think she’s a functioning alcoholic. You always have to look at the why — what are you running from? What are you trying to mask over? What are you trying not to feel?

Where she wants to see Alicia:

I want see her not drinking alone. I want to see her in a relationship that’s challenging for her, and when I say challenging I mean intellectually. I would love to see her not with that law firm. She keeps going back to that law firm, and I think she’s happier alone.

The Good Wife is on CBS on Sundays.

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