Julia Roberts’ “Eat Pray Love” Upsets Catholics


Julia Roberts thinks her Eat Pray Love heroine Elizabeth Gilbert is an “amazing woman.” Sadly for Everyone’s Favorite “Pretty Woman,” religious film buffs weren’t as impressed with Roberts’ performance in Columbia Pictures’ box office interpretation of the best-selling memoir.

The Washington-based Catholic News Service (CNS), the world’s oldest religious news wire, is giving the film a resounding thumbs-down because Roberts, as Gilbert, fails to seek spiritual guidance while Rome for the “Eat” portion of the film.

“Though she (Roberts’ character) seemingly hits every restaurant in town, she gives the churches a pass, the implication being that she knows better than to look to Catholicism for insight,” writes CNS review John Muldering.

The news service has given Eat Pray Love — which is rated PG-13 — a classification of “L,” suggesting the film may trouble some devout Catholics with “content many adults would find troubling.”

Ironically, the Oscar winner — who grew up a Catholic — converted to Hindism after spending time in an ashram while filming the Pray section of the new film in India.


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