Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hilariously Fails The Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon [Watch]


Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pure comic genius at whatever she does, whether it is acting on a hilarious comedy show, or simply appearing on an episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Even without a comedy actress like her, the segment would be perfect, but she just takes it to another level. The rules of the game that JImmy Fallon sets up are where one person puts on headphones with loud music playing and the other person says something.

After that, the other person has to try to figure out what they said by reading their lips. This would be a fun game for any cocktail party or gathering of friends, and as they displayed on the show, the game can provide some pretty hilarious results.

Juila Louis-Dreyfus failed on multiple accounts to guess the right phrase that JImmy Fallon had said, but that just made it even funnier. Fallon’s “salted peanuts” selection was clearly a genius pick for her, and we can all guess what she mistook the word peanuts for.

Despite not guessing correctly, the comedy actress was obviously having fun with the segment from the second she put the headphones on.


Following the “Salted Peanuts” phrase, Fallon was given the phrase, Uptown Funk You Up, and after replaying in his head what he thought he saw, he was able to refrain himself from actually saying that, stating “You can’t say that,” when he got it right.

However, Fallon also had a bit of an advantage since he did design the game didn’t he? It seems like they could have a new game with Julia Louis-Dreyfus writing out the cards and see who wins that round. What do you think?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was recently cast in an American remake of the Swedish film Force Majeure. She is also getting ready to return to her role of the Vice President in Veep when it returns for its 4th season on Sunday, April 12th.

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