Juicy Couture Victoria’s Secret Lawsuit: Juicy Couture Sues Victoria’s Secret

Juicy is suing Victoria’s Secret. Juicy Couture Inc. filed a suit against Victoria’s Secret Stores Brand Management Inc. on Tuesday, alleging the lingerie brand copied Juicy’s trademarked designs to market for its PINK line of intimate apparel. In 2007, Victoria’s Secret began ripping off packaging shaped like lollipops, bonbons and ice-cream cones, Juicy claims it first developed in 2005 for it’s own Sweet Shoppe collection.

In the complaint filed in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York yesterday, Juicy states:

“Pink has applied slogans across the seat of pants which famously originated with Juicy Couture and identifies its brand. Pink stores incorporate many elements of Juicy Couture’s stores including oriental rugs and Victorian-style furniture.”

Juicy Couture is seeking monetary damages and profit from the alleged copying. The label has also petitioned the court for an order barring Victoria’s Secret from using the candy packaging.

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