Judge Will Review Justin Bieber Arrest Video Before Release

Listen up, Beliebers: The bang of a judge’s gavel is the only thing standing between you and a glimpse at Justin Bieber’s…er…member.

Try to contain yourselves.

Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield said Thursday that he will review police video made shortly after Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest last month in a bid to determine if some portions should be withheld from the public. Some parts of the video show Bieber, 19, urinating into a cup for a drug test. The judge will go over more than 10 hours of booking footage taken after Bieber’s Jan. 23 arrest to determine how, or if, the video should be released.

The Associated Press (AP) and The Miami Herald are among outlets seeking the video’s release. Deanna Shullman, attorney for the AP, argues that there’s no exemption in Florida’s generous open-records law allowing it to be kept under wraps.

“The right of privacy cannot trump the right of access to public records. My clients have no interest in showing Mr. Bieber’s private parts. You have to redact that and release the rest.”

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