Judge Offers Lindsay Lohan 60-90 Day Jail Sentence In Felony Theft Case

The judge hearing Lindsay Lohan’s felony jewel theft case has reportedly offered the scandal-ridden actress 60-90 days in jail if she agrees to plead guilty to walking out of a Venice jewelry shop wearing a $2,500 bauble that is expected to be sold at auction later this year.

Kamofie & Co. bosses say Lohan swiped a necklace from their custom store just a week after she wrapped up a court-ordered three month stint in rehab. Lindsay insists she was given the piece on loan and the Mean Girls actress is still balking at the idea of accepting a deal, instead opting to take her chances at trial.

“Judge Schwartz has told Lindsay that he would sentence her to 60-90 days, if she accepted a plea deal, which she would serve in county jail,” spywitnesses-types tell RadarOnline.com

Lindsay will definitely be going to jail for some time at least if her presumed trial Judge Sautner orders her to stand trial at the conclusion of the preliminary hearing. This time for probation violation.

“If she doesn’t accept the plea deal and insists on going to trial she will serve some time for parole violation, regardless of whether she is ultimately found guilty of the theft charges or not,” the source explains. “Lindsay should take the plea deal, period. That deal would include the least amount of jail time possible in the case.”

If Lindsay is convicted at trial, she faces anything from felony probation to up to three years in a tough California State Prison.

La Lohan has until March 23 to decide whether or not to accept the plea. If she does so, she’ll appear in front of Judge Schwartz for sentencing on March 25. For now, Lindsay’s spending the week mulling over the decision on an impromptu visit to her hometown of Long Island, New York.

Think LiLo should take the deal?

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