Judge Judy Calls Lindsay Lohan ‘Dumb And Arrogant’ Following Second DUI Arrest

Tough television book-thrower Judge Judy hurled a series of insults at ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ star Lindsay Lohan following the young starlet’s second DUI arrest in a week.

“If you are dumb enough and arrogant enough or immature enough to place other people’s lives in danger you have to be punished. Seriously, I’m not playing around. She is not the victim – the public is the victim because it is the public that is at risk.

“If the young community sees that we are more worried about Lindsay Lohan than we are about the people who have to dodge out of the way of her car, being driven erratically, that’s not where our emphasis should be. When you place other people’s lives at risk there are serious consequences. If you drive a car and we’ve taken away your privilege of driving a car then you have to go to jail. You don’t have to go to jail forever but you have to go to jail until it hurts.”

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