Jude Law Doesn’t Remember Baby Mama Samantha Burke

Ladykiller Jude Law has no memory of why and when he impregnated a 24-year-old aspiring model, who is reportedly expecting the actor’s fourth child this fall.


This sounds like a case for Maury. You have insisted on a DNA test, right Jude?

When Samantha’s attorney contacted Jude’s people to tell them she was pregnant, Jude “didn’t even remember her.”

“She met him at a club in New York,” an unidentified friend of Samantha’s revealed to E! News on Thursday. “He was sick, so she kept going to his hotel over the course of a week to take care of him.”

“She hasn’t seen him since New York. They’ve only been in contact through their lawyers,” the friend adds.

Jude has stepped up to the plate and promised to provide for Samantha’s unborn child — a daughter, who will be named Sophia. Samantha is due in October.

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