Joy Behar Returns To ‘The View’: Here’s Five Co-Hosts We Wish Would Come Back


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In the last five years of The View, the constant juggling of co-hosts that arrive and exit the show, seem like a Russian roulette of sorts. The ABC set has been such a revolving door, and has gone through so many face lifts that it has turned viewers away. Once again ABC is struggling to get its core audience back, and due to that they shook things up once again on the panel.

ABC announced that along with new co-hosts, Paula Faris, Candace Cameron Bure, Michelle Collins, Raven-Symone, and moderator Whoopi Goldberg, former co-host Joy Behar was returning to The View. This season they got rid of Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace. Behar’s return is a bit of a head scratcher, as it seemed like she was ready to move on. When she left in 2013 she was the only original member left standing that joined the table back in 1997.

When she left, Behar released a statement to Deadline, “It seemed like the right time…You reach a point when you say to yourself, ‘Do I want to keep doing this?’ There are other things on my plate I want to do – I’ve been writing a play, I’ve been neglecting my standup.”

Now that she’s back, her signature candor, will be welcomed, due to the fact that it was lacking with past hosts Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez, who never truly found their footing on the show after one season. Perhaps The View really didn’t need a facelift after all, and just needed some old blood to bring the audience back to what they loved about the daytime show.

With Joy Behar’s return, we ask, which former co-hosts of The View would we welcome back into our living room with open arms? Here’s who we would like to see return to the table to discuss hot topics and interview today’s hottest figures.

1. Rosie O’Donnell

The View co-host
Okay, so we know that she just left the show for the second time, and it seems like she has a lot of stressful things happening in her personal life, but O’Donnell’s brand of candor really worked on the show. Not only did her extreme liberal views prove to be polarizing, she didn’t worry about who she was going to offend. From 9/11 conspiracy theories to slamming Donald Trump, you always knew what was on Rosie’s mind and her “view” of the world. Plus, wouldn’t it be exciting to see her clash with outspoken Republican and Christian Candace Cameron Bure? We would pay money to see that kind of entertainment.

2. Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling The View
While Paula Faris is a former correspondent for ABC News, the table is severely lacking the political clout that Nicolle Wallace had. It was always very interesting to hear Wallace’s views on the political stories that were introduced during the Hot Topics segment. It not only gave the show actual legitimacy but proved that it wasn’t just a fluffy show, which it had turned into in recent years. Lisa Ling brought that same kind of feeling when she started on The View in the third season. Ling’s take might be a great return to form. She could speak about her experiences covering the drug war in Colombia or her time exploring North Korea.

3. Star Jones

Star Jones The View
Although The View is heavy on celebrities these days, it would be great to see Star Jones, who is a personality all on her own, back at the table. Not only does she have this huge personality, but the former lawyer still seems to support the show, when others have turned their back. Being an original member of the panel, Jones knows the strong foundation, and because of that, knows what works on the show.

Earlier in the year talking about what worked on The View. When it was discussed that the show was trying to change its gossipy bits, she hoped the best for the failing ABC show. “Smart women can disagree without being disagreeable, and I hope they don’t fall into that trap. I think they can do this show and have that show grow in a way where there is a spirited, wonderful debate, but [also] camaraderie. That’s the thing that I missed about ‘The View,’ is the camaraderie we had initially.”

4. Meredith Vieira

Meredith Vieira The View
Vieira really brought that sense of camaraderie that Jones pointed out when speaking about The View’s humble beginnings. It would be nice to see Vieira back at the table because she seemed to connect with viewers, and was very poised at the table. If this is what they’re going for this season, then Meredith would be a perfect fit. While she does have her own talk show now, it hasn’t been doing too well. She may need bigger personalities like the ladies of The View to off-set her.

That said, Vieira isn’t looking to return. In 2014 she told reporters at the TCAs about the possibility, “No, I knew after nine years that it was my time to leave The View. I have a pretty good sense of timing and when to leave before something bad happens. I’m sort of the crazy aunt of The View. You can’t go home again. I wish them the best.”

5. Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez The View
It’s obvious that Perez is never returning to the show, but one can dream, right? In its 19 year run, The View never had a Latina voice on the panel until Perez was hired in 2014. While people complained that she never found her comfort zone with the viewers, Rosie brought a lot of knowledge and insight to the table. Perez has been through a lot in her life, and all of it has shaped her view of the world, which was very spectacular to hear about. Whether she was talking about her experiences in the system as a foster child, or her abusive childhood, she brought a lot of her own hot topic issues that no one else was talking about to the table.

Aside from her experiences, Perez has been involved in campaigns for AIDS awareness, and was appointed The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS in 2010. She may not come with political clout but she’s on the forefront of a lot of important issues that are rarely explored on daytime television.

Who would you like to see on the panel on this season of The View?

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