Josh Hutcherson talks Catching Fire and the success of The Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson, also known as Peeta in the widely successful Hunger Games movie is opening up about the role and what fans can expect in Catching Fire, the second installment in the trilogy.

Josh says that Catching Fire will be “dark but not necessarily as graphic” as the books. The studio has said that the three remaining films in the series will all maintain a PG-13 rating. Josh also talked about his romance with Katniss, played by fellow Kentuckian, Jennifer Lawrence. “Jennifer and I are such good friends. One of the hardest parts for us is to pretend we’re in love on screen.” The pair knocked off Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from their domination of the famous MTV “Favorite Kiss” Award this year.

“It feels so cheesy at times because we’re in love with each other in real life as really good friends and just switching that dynamic over was like, ‘can we actually do this? We’re so goofy and silly together, can we actually pretend that we’re seriously lovers?’ It’s good to know that people say ‘yes, you can,'” Josh added.

The Hunger Games is now available on Blue-Ray and DVD and is loaded with bonus features.

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