Josh Hamilton Drunk Photos

josh-hamilton-drunk4Josh Hamilton pictured drunk in an Arizona bar

In a really unfortunate turn of events, photos of Josh Hamilton have surfaced showing the Texas Rangers outfielder drunk and drinking heavily in an Arizona bar. The pictures were taken in a Tempe, Arizona bar last January and show Hamilton apparently having a pretty good time with a bunch of women, none of whom are his wife. The photos were leaked to the mega sports blog Deadspin. Josh Hamilton released this statement talking about the drunken incident:

“I’m embarrassed about it for my wife Katie, for my kids and for the organization,” Hamilton said. “I’m not perfect. It’s an ongoing struggle, and it’s real. It’s amazing how these things can creep back in. But I am human and I have struggles.”

“If I think I can have one drink, I think I can have two, and then it snowballs to 10 or 12,” Hamilton said. “As soon as it happened, I called my support staff — Katie, the organization and MLB — and told them what happened. I was open and honest about it. People with an addiction can make a mistake.”

Hamilton says falling off the wagon was an isolated incident, and that he told the Rangers GM and his wife about it the following day.

More pictures of Josh Hamilton drunk and acting the fool:

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