Jon Gosselin Will Allow Children To Be Filmed, If TLC Drops Lawsuit

Jon Gosselin is allegedly hoping to strike a deal that will convince TLC to drop its multimillion dollar breach of contract lawsuit against him, sources close to the negotiations told on Friday. The cash-strapped father of 8 will reportedly allow the network to film his brood if execs agree to drop the lawsuit.

TLC filed the lawsuit, which requests for a judge to stop Gosselin from making media appearances without their consent, after Gosselin refused to let them film his eight children for the family’s reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which was subsequently canceled. Gosselin hopes to avoid an expensive trial by making the deal with TLC.

“You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon. And there’s no guarantee that will happen either,” says a source.

Kate is currently working on a new show with TLC that is expected to premiere later this year.

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